#14 - A Complete Guide to Implement an Adapter on Universal Rabbit Hole

Author: @ironaddicteddog, @wei_sol_, @emersonliuuu

[Updated at 2022.11.24]


  • What is Universal Rabbit Hole?

  • Why is it necessary?

  • How does it work?

  • Demonstrate how to implement an adapter

    • Use Genopets farm as an example


  • Motivation

    • Open up the potential of composability

    • Develop higher level DeFi strategy without touching the implementation details

    • Attract more devs to build on top of your protocol

    • NO NEED to re-invent the wheel (SDK)

  • Overview of Universal Rabbit Hole

    • Read part

      • Navigator

    • Writhe part

      • Gateway Program

      • Gateway Client

      • Adapter Program

Without URH

  • Protocols are not composable

  • User has to deal with new SDK when trying to integrate new protocol

With URH

  • Protocols are composable

  • User only has to deal with builder (Gateway client) and Gateway program


What is Genopets Staking

  • Interfaces

    • Stake

    • Unstake

    • Harvest (With lockup period)

Get Started

Follow the offical documentation of Universal Rabbit Hole to get started


  • https://app.dappio.xyz

  • https://github.com/DappioWonderland/navigator

  • https://github.com/DappioWonderland/gateway

  • https://github.com/DappioWonderland/adapter-programs

  • https://guide.dappio.xyz/the-universal-rabbit-hole

  • https://github.com/genopets-solana

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